2/14/03 — Ultrasound Pictures!

Today, Mom and Dad saw me for the first time. I actually got to help out! Mom had to drink so much water and she couldn’t hold it anymore, so we got to cut in line! (sorry old lady with the broken arm). I’m 8 oz and very mobile. I kicked a lot and even yawned! See you all in a few months!

  • Here I am, lying on my side and looking straight at you! You can see my eye sockets, my nasal cavity, and my big old head. I know I look a little creepy in this picture, but I bet I’m actually pretty cute in person.
  • Here I am again, basically the same thing, just 43 seconds later.
  • Here I am lying on my back, looking up. In the middle of the picture is my face — you can see my chin, open mouth, nose, eye, and forehead. To the left is as much of the rest of me as the picture fit.

Frog Babie

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