Update! 8/30/03

Much has happened since the last update. Sorry I’ve been so demanding of my Mom’s time she hasn’t been able to keep this site updated. I just love her, and need her for food and comfort, which keeps her from updating the website as often as she would like. More important to tend to me than a website about me, right?

I will be 6 weeks old on labor day! I now weigh 10lbs, 3 oz, and am 21 inches long. I am a happy kid! When I fuss, Mom dances around with me to “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin. Not sure why, but I sure love that song-it calms me immediately and I’m usually asleep 5 minutes in.

I can sleep just about anywhere. –Me and Dad 1Me and Dad 2Me and Dad 3Sling

I went on vacation a few weeks ago to my Grammy and Grampy Norris’ beach in Mystic, CT. Here’s me in front of some boats when we went to a dock-side restaurant. Here’s me asleep on my Grammy in a neat turtle shirt. Mom decided to do a photo shoot of me, nude–here’s my bum (thanks Mom) Afterwards, I played with my Grampy– and peed on him- that was alot of fun.

For lots of great pictures of me with my Grandma and Grandpa and the rest of the Meritt family make sure you visit Grandpa’s link, you can find it under links on our home page!

Mom and Dad are now taking me all sorts of places. Here’s me and Dad at a mall. I also went to Dad’s company picnic—I was such a hit!

My umbilical cord has not fallen off yet. I think I want to keep it as a memento of when I was in Mom–just not ready to give it up yet. Fortunately, Mom and Dad found out I could take a bath like a normal baby anyway—I hate sponge baths. So, Mom and I hopped in the tub. I peed on her twice– and then spit up all over her back. So much for a clean bath! I liked it tho, or at least, I think I did. I didn’t fuss, and I got to eat in there-so what’s to complain about!

I have a new best friend. Her name is Eva, and she was born 7 weeks before me. She lives in the house almost directly behind us. Fortunately, Mom and Dad get along well with Eva’s parents, so we get together alot. Here’s me and Eva, hanging out!

Mom has become addicted to her digital camera. Here are some “artsie” shots she took of me. –close up 1close up 2

Here are some other cute pictures of me! –onethis one really cracks my folks upthreeme doing one of my favorite things–playing on the gliding ottoman!

More to come!

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