More Update! 9/6/03

Here’s a rare photo of me and Mom. She’s usually the one with the camera!

I have found myself this week. I have a fun gym which I lie under and look at myself in a small little mirror. I love it as you can see! Mirror 1 Mirror 2

For those of you keeping track, my umbilical cord HAS STILL NOT FALLEN OFF! A fun game may be to make a poll, much like for when I was born! (by the way, the winner of that poll was Aunt Lauren with July 21 at 1:04pm -just an hour and 3 minutes before I was born!) Email your guesses to me, and the winner gets to keep the thing when it finally falls off (just kidding!!)

I had another bath with Mom. Didn’t really care for it so much- I think it was a temperture thing. But I sure had fun playing with my Dad afterwards. We came up with a great game- cover, no cover! He’d put a towel all over me, and I’d kick it away. We did that for about a half and hour. Here are some “afterbath” pix: afterbath 1 afterbath 2

I also had my first “baby bath” in the mini bathtub. I guess I liked it. Here’s me staring intently at a rubber duck. I liked getting dressed up in a silly frog towel my Grammy got for me.

I also had my first bottle this week. Mom pumps out the good stuff and Dad feeds it to me. I guess it doesn’t really matter what container it’s in: I love food!!

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