October 12, 2003

New color scheme! Hope this is easier to read.

I had a field trip to Albany. Mom and Dad refinanced the house, so I got to come along. We stopped off at SUNY Albany, where my friend Daniel’s dad, David Levine, had some art work on display. After the refinance, we visited my Aunt Dana, Uncle Jeff, and Cousin Leah. Leah helped feed me!

Mom and Dad had a wedding to go to, so Grandma and Grandpa Meritt babysat me. Before Mom and Dad left, we had a photo session with me on the little couch-which is identical to the big couch- Mom and Dad hang out on. I had a good time with Grandma and Grandpa, and Mom and Dad had a good time without me!

Yesterday, my first cousins once removed came with Dad’s Aunt Lisa and Uncle Dave. My Dad will happily explain the “once removed” part in case you’re curious. Something to do with ancestry lines….anyway, we all had a good time.

I’m getting ready for Halloween. I’m going to be a duck. My friend Eva and I are planning on going trick or treating, and then to a Halloween party the next day. Look for that update and more, next time on SOPHIE’S WORLD!

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