October 25, 2003

I continue to be very active. I am growing a lot. I really don’t fit on the ottoman anymore, so when I want to rock back and forth, I now get to hang out on the real gliding rocker!

I continue to take bottles as we all prepare for the “big change”- Mom goes back to work 10/27 and Dad gets to play with me for 4 1/2 months!! I’m pretty vocal about the bottle. Sometimes I know they’re trying to pull a fast one- and I’m way too smart for that. If I don’t want it, I’ll let them know- I even threw it out of my Grammy’s hands! But I can also kinda sorta hold it on my own, for a few seconds.

But the bottle and the glider are only some of my many accomplishments. I can play the piano!! I can! Really!! Ok, so, Dad sits me on his lap and he bounces me along, but it’s MY HANDS that make the music. I’m starting with the classics-my personal triumph is Beethovens’ 9th symphony, but I can do some holiday stuff too. Hey, give me a break, I’m only 3 months old!

Mom and I decided to have a little photo session with some blocks. We set it up and spelled out that I basically love everybody! There are some photos on yahoo of the one picture for my mom—whom I lovingly call lunch- that she will put on her home office desk when she goes back to work.

I have discovered my hand in the past few weeks. I think I may be teething. I drool a lot and will suck just about anything that comes within 2 inches of my mouth—including my hat, sheets, Mom’s face, and Mom’s foot in exercise class (Mom caught that last one before I went for it!)

I contribute to the Red Hook community. Mom and Dad belong to the Village Green, a group that plants trees in my town. We all went to help with the planting and I got to help with watering—ok, Mom watered, I slept.

I continue to get together with my friend Eva. There will be some silly pictures of us coming up after Halloween!!

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