November 12, 2003

We had the wine and cheese party last weekend–stimulation overload! So many people wanting to check me out. It got a little overwhelming after a while and I kinda freaked out. But I enjoyed it while it lasted. I got to play with my new friend Andrew, his parents Jen and Mark are old friends of my parents Jen and Mark.

I have been having some hair issues lately. It all started when I fell asleep in my sling and developed “sling head” (not bed head, right?) and no matter what my folks did, it still looked goofy.

I am constantly doing tummy time. I like it, but the other day I was really tired and conked out into a wall—luckily it didn’t hurt.

I have developed a new noise- the crazy shreik!! Pretty fun! And loud!

Night time has not been going as smoothly as it had been. It seems I really love my mom, and miss her during the day (even though she’s only in the basement). So, I want to be extra cuddly at night. It doesn’t help that I’m teething and will suck anything within a 5 inch radius…except a pacifier. My folks followed the “don’t introduce it until 6 weeks to avoid nipple confusion”. It sure worked—I’m not confused! It’s not a nipple!

Will keep you posted!

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