November 30, 2003

Well, there was some sad news since the last update. My great grandmother died. I never got a chance to meet her, but I hear she was a really funny and fiesty lady-kinda like me in some ways! The silver lining was that we got to spend over a week with Grammy and Grampy in Connecticut. My folks decided it would be better to stay through til Thanksgiving rather than drive me back and forth. I am doing better in the car! Mom figured out a way to provide lunch while seatbelted. Not the most comfortable position for her, but it helped me sleep and gave the folks a stress free car ride.

There was so much to pack into our little Honda Civic that there wasn’t any room for my baby tub, so we had to improvise. I had a bath in a roasting pan—that was a little awkward. We then tried the kitchen sink- that was more fun because we got to use the spray to rinse me off! They put up my changing pad in the laundry room. I immediately hit it off with a bottle of Tide detergent, and I talked to it everytime I got changed.

We helped Grammy and Grampy with some house stuff-just like they help Mom and Dad when we visit. We raked leaves and Dad and I got to ride around in the tractor. We also went for walks and I got to draw-my first ever drawing- on my Grampy’s white erase board.

My Grammy loves bears. We had fun—ok, THEY had fun–putting me in all sorts of bear gear- wagons and ice skates- for photo op’s.

The big event was Thanksgiving. I helped with rolls and making the pumpkin pie. We went to my Great-Aunt Holly’s house and had a delicious meal-well, I had the same meal I always have, but there were compliments all around.

After Mom and Grammy hit the stores on Black Friday, we went to my Grandma and Grandpa’s for another Thanksgiving. It was great getting to see all my aunts and uncles on the same day!! I particularly had a good time with my cousin Leah. She was always looking out for me and calling out “Ofie” and “Fosie”.

I was happy to be home though, and said a hello to every wall and poster and ceiling fan I missed during my vacation.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and will keep you posted.

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