November 5, 2003

I had a doctor’s appointment today. I’m a pretty big girl! I’m 13lbs, 5 oz, and 25 1/4 inches . I’m very happy-the Doctor even said so!

The big news is Dad is now my “primary caregiver”. He’s doing pretty well. Sometimes it takes him awhile at night to remember he has night duty. I’ve been tuckering him out. Aside from watching me, Mom also has given him the job of baby photographer. He did some cool shots of me under the gym.

Fortunately, Mom works at home most of the time, so I can have my real “lunch”–not the bottled kind they try to pass off- during the day. She’s come up with some creative work hours in order to tend to me. It’s very sweet of her. We continue to go to Baby Exercise class. I really like it now. I get to hang out with all my baby friends, and the Moms have fun too. Last week, we all went out to lunch (not that kind of lunch!!) at the local coffeeshop- Dad came along.

Just as Mom hung out with Eva’s Mom, Dad has been hanging out with Eva’s Dad. Eva and I just chill out and enjoy the conversations. The Dads talk about much different things than the Moms!!

I do talk quite a bit. My favorite place is the changing table. I have an abacus over my head, and I am fascinated. I talk up quite a storm there. But I also talk to the ceiling fan, mobile, wall, and my folks! My folks continue to take me lots of places. I really like the deli counter—all sorts of fun colors and shapes to talk to!

I love to be naked. Mom and Dad do cloth diapers, and they’re great for the environment and all, but they sure get wet pretty quick! But that means I get to be naked alot!! I get very excited when my tushie is exposed to the air!

I had my first Halloween. I don’t really understand it. Mom dressed me up as a duck, then took me out to a few houses with Lisa and Eva and got candy-which she and Dad then ate. And strangers came to our door. They all said I was really cute, and pet me. We then went to Eva’s house, and I fell asleep on the floor. The next day, Red Hook Mom’s threw a great Halloween party-at least I heard it was great, I was asleep throughout most of it. Mom was a hippie, and Dad was a straight guy-pre-“queer eye” makeover. My Aunt Lauren came to visit and went to the party as well. She and Mom had fun stamping my scrapbook.

This weekend should be fun. Mom and Dad are having their annual wine and cheese party. It now holds special memories for them, since it was hours before the party last year Mom took a pregnancy test and found out about me!!

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