January 6, 2004!!

Happy New Year! I know I have been a bit delinquent with the website, but I’m told most people are busy around the holidays! I was no exception.

I am slowly starting to sit up on my own. I’ve keeled over a few times, sometimes I cry, sometimes I’m just stunned. But part of my new sitting up status involves a new toy- the exersaucer! My friend Eva has one too. I sit in this little “bum bucket” and get to look and play—and eat- all sorts of things.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steve Martin, Madonna, Me. What do we all have in common? We’ve all been photographed by Annie Leibowitz! She signed books at the local bookstore (Merritt!) and Mom and I decided to go. I fell asleep so Mom wandered around for awhile. By the time I woke up, the masses had dissipated and we got to talk to Annie. She really likes me! Like her famous photograph of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, I think you’ll agree the photo of “Sophie and Mom, with sling” truly captures the bond Mom and I share.

The holidays were fun. I went to Grandma and Grandpa’s in Connecticut. Mom decided to set me up in some poses that she was set up in when she was my age.

We spent New Year’s Eve with my Aunt Dana, Uncle Jeff and Cousin Leah. Leah really likes me! I hear she constantly talks about “Ofie” and loves to hug me when I’m around. Mom made new years crowns for us–just like Grandma did for her and Uncle Mike when they were little. Mom and I went to bed by 10 and didn’t see the ball drop. I’m sure she appreciated the sleep more!

Stay tuned for more of my escapades. I start REAL FOOD next week, which is a photo op if ever there was one!


Me working on the website.

Me wearing a cute bow and a big smile.

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