February 8, 2004

I continue to be a happy active kid. Mom wishes I could report I’m sleeping through the night, but I’m nowhere near. I had Mom psyched right after I started solid food- I slept really well, nice long stretches, but I’m back to my old tricks! Mom caved and is now reading a book called “The No-Cry Sleep Solution” so we’ll see how that goes!

Yes, I started solid food, a bit later than expected. Right after my doctor’s appointment I got a rash on my tummy. Mom and Dad decided to wait until it cleared before starting me out on food. I have had two different entrees: the organic brown rice cereal, and the sweet potato. Sweet potato sure is fun—and messy! It gets everywhere-including up my nose. I’m off-and-on with food. Sometimes I can’t wait for it and really get into it, other times, eh, not so much.

I have really become a shrieker!! I have found my voice and I love it. I love to yell at the hall closet–why, I don’t know, it’s just fun.

Speaking of fun, Dad decided to start a musical playgroup. It’s still in its “infancy” but the idea is that if the parents have a good time singing and dancing, the babies will learn to have a good time too. At the first playgroup, my friend Daniel and I slept through most of it, leaving the Dads to listen to jazz and chat. I still go to exercise class, although Mom has been really busy with work lately, so we haven’t been in awhile. I have gone to other playgroups and met other babies. Of course, my best friend continues to be Eva, and we still get together as families a few times a week.

Winter has been cold! I really like taking walks outside, but it’s been so cold Mom and Dad are hesitant. Mom and Dad have taken me to various malls in the area–just to get out of the house!

I am flipping over like a pro. I also learned that I can reach—my mobile!! Mom and Dad didn’t have the heart to take it down-good thing, because I still love it, but they have moved it so I can’t reach it anymore.

I can’t think of much more to say—in understandable English at least– so I’ll sign off for now. By the way, I do continue to check my email—but I’m not getting much (hint hint!!!)

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