March 24, 2004

I’ve learned something this past few weeks. It’s tough to grow. Teeth, man! They are a bummer! I now have two sharp little things in my mouth. I didn’t really have fun while they came in. I needed to bite things—unfortunately, “things” included my mom.

Dad went back to work recently. There’s a lot of creative scheduling going on in the household. Grandma and Grandpa Meritt watch me twice a week. It’s fun!

I am in to food! I’ve tried bananas, yogurt, prunes, pears, oatmeal, brown rice, avocado, green beans, flax seed and egg yolk. My favorite? GREEN BEANS. Maybe because I am “the bean”! My least favorite: egg yolk! I’d like to meet the genius who thought egg yolk would be a good baby food. Yuck! I am also a fan of the teething biscuit–hey anything I can put in my mouth and chew on while providing food at the same time–count me in!

I continue to be very active. I’ve gone to a few different playgroups. Mom’s friend Barbara had a party and there were a lot of babies there. It was in Woodstock, so I hung out with babies named Arrow, Akira, Afton and Niko. Dad and Eva’s mom started a musical playgroup which is a lot of fun. Mom takes me out to the mall on weekends when she gets stir crazy–stimulation city for me! I’ve gone out to a couple of restaurants–Eva and I even went out together!

I like to read. My favorite book by far is the classic “Barnyard Dance” by Sandra Boynton. The character development and plot twists keep me glued to the very end. Every time I even see the book I smile and get excited…..and try to eat it.

My mom bought me a present: the “bouncer”. It’s this super fun thing that attaches to a door frame and I bounce away! I love it. I also love to be naked–I hate clothes. I can’t wait for summer- maybe Mom and Dad will let me hang out in a diaper like last year. Of course, sly one that I am, I figured out how to remove my diaper! Velcro is no match for Sophia!

As I can’t possibly be a perfect baby, I’ve decided to have sleep issues. Mom and Dad started to impliment a “bedtime routine”: eat and shake my sillies out to Hawaiian slack key guitar, books (including the aforementioned “Barnyard Dance” and another page turner, “Pajama Time”) and then sleep, either via the “breast and rest” or Dad’s shoulder. I have improved! I used to wake up every 40 minutes to an hour. I now am a 2 hour girl, with the occassional 4 hour stretch thrown in so mom doesn’t lose her mind. We’ll see how long that lasts. I am quite the reluctant napper, too. My house is just too fascinating–I don’t want to sleep. So many things to look at and talk to: the ceiling fan, light fixtures, closets….

That’s all for now. Mom wanted me to tell you all that there are 3 albums for March 24 in yahoo. She’s become quite “p.o’ed” (whatever that means) at yahoo as she doesn’t have the editorial control she once had. Oh well.

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