Spring 2004

Gee Whiz. I know you haven’t had an update from me in a long time. Well, you see, there’s a problem. I can’t type, let alone speak English, so I have to rely on my Mom. She has been super busy with work lately. I don’t know what pre-trial reports are, but I know they drive her batty.

In any event, I continue to grow and do new things everyday. I have long since mastered the roll, and can sit up like a pro. I can move around pretty well. I have the backwards crawl down, and have within the past two weeks started the “army crawl”: flat down letting my arms do all the work. I also like to bend my body all sorts of ways, like the “downward dog” pose from yoga. Baby proofing is now a priority!

I am a non stop babbler. My new favorite phrase Is “a-duck, a-duck, a-duck” which I say over and over again. I have said a few words: “Mommy”, “Look” (complete with pointing) and “Bird”. I also said (in context) “Mom Boob” which freaked Mom out. My parents aren’t convinced that I’m talking yet, as nothing is a constant.

I have responded to my name for several weeks now. I also wave when someone says “bye” and clap my hands on command. I can pick out specific books when asked.

I continue to have a weird relationship with food. Sometimes I am so into it, I can’t get enough. Other days, eh, I don’t really care for it. I am quite good at shaking my head no.

My friend Eva just turned one. She had a birthday party and there were a bunch of babies from my old exercise class there. It was fun getting together, crawling over each other, stealing each other’s toys and trying to eat each other. We do get together other times too: Dad’s music group has taken off and is a lot of fun. Red Hook Moms has started their potluck dinners again too.

Thank goodness the weather is getting better. I try to take walks everyday. Grandma and Grandpa watch me twice a week, and we usually take walks to the store to get lunch. Mom and Dad now both work and are somehow able to get stuff done and take care of me too. Nap time is prime work time for both of them!

I have been doing a lot of traveling. In April, we went to my cousin Leah’s 2nd birthday party. Glitter hair was optionalùyet I was the only one to show up with funky hair. Mom and Dad also took me to NYC to visit some friends of theirs (and mine too by proxy) It really was a good time. We borrowed Eva’s super compact stroller and hit the town. We went out to brunch on the Upper West Side and then hit Central Park.

We went to Mystic for Memorial Day weekend. Dad flew out to Indiana for IshCon (read about it elsewhere on Potluck) so Mom and I hung out with Grammy and Grampy. I took a couple of boat rides and was pretty bored- I fell asleep both times. I had a good time relaxing at the shore.

I enjoy hanging out with my family. Cousin Leah continues to be enamored of me, and still calls me “Ofie”. My Uncle Mike will be living a bit closer to me when he moves to Stamford, CT, where he recently got a job. I will soon be bombarded with cousins: My Aunt Lauren and Uncle Tom are expecting two babies, and Leah is expecting a baby brother.

My mom has worked through her denial and has accepted the fact that I will be one July 21. She is trying to figure out a fun way to celebrate my birthday. I think birthdays should really be about the moms and not the kidsùI mean, really, she’s the one who did all the work, I just wiggled my way out. Anyway, we’re planning on a potluck picnic at a park with some live music. Details will be coming soon!

There are 7 volumes of pictures on Yahoo. Mom apologizes for duplicates in some albums, and they’re not as chronologically accurate as she would have liked! Oh well!!

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