A Year with Dad

Some people have been asking Dad if they could see some more pictures of him online. With little time to scan in older material, Dad is represented in the digital photographic record mostly by photos taken since the birth of me! Even though many more photos with him are available through my other pages, I thought it would be nice to have a page with a few special selections from my first year with Dad.

Mark and Sophia doing as his T-shirt says, walking away. Poets Walk Park, Red Hook.

Mark wearing Sophia at Tiberio’s Red Hook IGA grocery store.

Mark and Sophia in the Amtrak cafe car on their way back from Sophia’s first NYC visit.

Mark wearing Sophia at the Rhinebeck Farmers Market.

Mark holding Sophia at the Norris cottage in Mystic, CT.

Mark and Sophia in the playground at Dutchman’s Landing park, Catskill, NY.

Mark, Jen and Sophia with Mr. & Mrs. Garlic at the 2003 Hudson Valley Garlic Festival in Saugerties.

Mark, Jen and Sophia snuggle up at home.

Mark as bed for Sophia.

Mark often gives Sophia a “walkaround” to get her to sleep.

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