October 16, 2004

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Ok, Ok, before you get all mad– I know this update is a long time coming. Not all my mom’s fault. It’s mostly her fault, but not all. We got a new computer, a MAC, which is different from our old computer. Mom had “mastered” (as much as my technologically challenged mom can) updating my website on the old PC, now she has a whole new thing to learn.

Where to start?? Basically, I can do everything now.

My birthday was great. I had some cake, and since then my folks have been pretty lax about my food. I eat healthy 97% of the time (favorite foods: tomatoes and broccoli) but I have had ice cream, pudding, cookies and chocolate chips. It is good, and I do say “mmmm yum!”

Got some really neat presents, but one certainly stands out. My aunt Dana made me a pillow that looks just like the cow from my favorite book Barnyard Dance. Everytime I see it, I say “cow!

I started walking in August—really walking during our second vacation to Mystic. As I’m writing this, I can walk and run like a pro. My friend Eva (whom I lovingly call “Ayba”) will play “go go go”. We each have a little cruiser thing and walk up and down the driveway. We’ve also grown fond of pushing each other on the wagon. For Andrew Pearlman’s cinematic masterpiece “Go Go Go! A Short Action Film”, head to www.andrewpearlman.com/eva/go-go-go.mov

I can also walk backwards. My favorite maneuver is walking backwards into my parent’s lap so they can read me a book. I also like to scoot my bum into my rocking chair.

I love repetition. I will often request the same book read over and over and over and over again in one sitting. I will say “again” at the end of the book prompting them to start over. When I am finally done with the book (after my folks have gone nuts) I will proudly say “Tada!” and move on to the next one.

I am quite the chatterbox. We lost count on all my words. I can say a ton of things. Some things I just repeat, but I am learning about all sorts of things. I get very excited whenever I see the “moon!” or a “manana” in the grocery store”. When we walk into town I will frequently say “good morning!” to all I see.

I love to dance. My parents aren’t terribly proud of this fact, but my absolute favorite song is “Hey Ya!” by Outkast. My Mom is a little concerned that my favorite song comes from an album with an “explicit lyrics” warning on the label. Whenever I hear that song, I stop whatever I’m doing and start bopping ,and will sing along saying “Hey Ya!” I also now play the piano with my dad. We have a little sing a long act to Roy Orbison’s “You Got It”. I can say the “got it” at the right parts”, as well as the “bay-bee”

If my folks thought regular teeth were bad, nothing could have prepared them for the wonder of molars. Now, just one molar is a drag. Pain, wakefulness, irritability. Multiply that by four—oh yeah, I have a molar festival happening in every quadrant of my mouth. Holy cow.

I have increased my cousins by 400%. Aunt Lauren and Uncle Tom had Emma and Owen July 28, and Aunt Dana, Uncle Jeff and counsin Leah welcomed Eli August 15. I’ve spent time with all these new babies. I’ve tried to teach them some things, but they’re all really small. Leah and I have a great time together. We like to run around like crazy!

Halloween is right around the corner, and after that the election. Can’t wait for it to be over. My mom has noticed I sleep particularly poorly on a debate night. At the last debate, I pointed my finger at the TV and said “dirty dirty” over and over, agreeing with most that this is an especially nasty election season. In any event, I plan on voting with my folks (Mom did take me to vote in the primaries) so it will be nice to be a part of democracy in action.

I am a very happy kid. And really cute too. I’m a little character, that’s for sure. Hope to see all of you soon. And I will force my mom to do the next update before I get my driver’s license.

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