Happy New Year 2005!

Pictures: 12/31/04 photo album.

My mom and I have a new year’s resolution. To keep this updated every month. We have a monthly to-do list, which includes such things as recharge batteries, check the water salt level, and now, update the website.

The big news: my dad got a haircut!!!

Halloween was fun. I was a strawberry. We had 3 different events over the weekend. There was a playgroup on Friday, then a party on Saturday, then trick or treating on Sunday. My friends Eva and Kaelen came over for trick or treating. I did get to eat a piece of chocolate—albeit in the wrapper (I sneaked it by my folks).

Halloween was also when my folks discovered my amazing knack for remembering songs. We were coming back from the aforementioned halloween party when Petula Clark’s Downtown came on the radio. From the backseat, my folks heard me clear as day sing “downtown” at the appropriate spot in the song. I now can sing along to several songs, and a musical CD of my favorite songs has been distributed over the holidays. I am a fantastic dancer, and can wiggle my buns to any tune.

My folks have created a play area for me in the basement. There’s a swing down there that I started to fall asleep in. I will often tell my dad to “boot up” “itunes” so I can listen to my favorite songs “no more no more Jack” (Hit the Road Jack) and “Ona” (My Sharona). The most fascinating part of the basement however, is the stairs. Baby gates are such a bummer.

Thanksgiving was fun. All my cousins came to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We had a fun photo shoot with the 5 of us. Christmas was spent with my Grammy and Grampy in Connecticut.

I continue to be quite a character and say all sorts of things. I am a great monologist, and will sometimes talk to myself for several minutes. My parents lost count of my vocabulary several months ago at 300. My big words include prodigious, ultimatum, and capucchino. I am very loving, and will say “hugs” and “kiss” when I want to get close to people, or things (like a train or a book). I am also a director at times, telling people “get up”, “take it off” “sit down”, and “get it”. Some could consider this as being bossy, I however believe I am sharing my vision, much like a Spielberg or Hitchcock.

The weather is getting lousy again. Fortunately, my mom joined a gym with free child care. There’s a play area for the kids, but I prefer to do the exercise stations with my mom. My favorite is the blue trampoline. My folks are also utilizing their friend Jennie as a caretaker for me for a few hours during the week. Jennie has two kids, and I love to talk to them: Karana and Aurora.

If our resolution works out, I will talk to you all at the end of the month. Until then, HUGS!!!!

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