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Happy Spring everyone!! I am so glad the weather has gotten better. I love playing outside. My favorite thing? The playground!! I love slides. I am a bit of a brave girl, and my most loved slide is the “green one”- a rather large slide that’s in the “big kid” section of the playground. I also like the tube slide and the red one and the green one and the other one….and I will happily give you a rundown on all the activities at the playground.

A few milestones the past two months. In March, I decided I wanted out of my crib and Mom and Dad’s room. I am now in my own room, and sleep in my “butterfly bed.” My great Aunt Holly made me a quilt with butterflies on it, and we keep it on my bed. I also have a butterfly mobile above my head. I really like my butterfly bed and am sleeping much better. I generally only wake up twice a night now. Still not perfect, but sooo much better than before. I am also going to bed at a more reasonable time. I generally get up around 7 and take a nap late morning. I’m usually asleep for the night by 9. My folks are very excited to have time for themselves at night. They’ve been able to watch DVDs!

I also decided to “hop on the potty train.” For a few weeks, I was consistently doing “number 2” in the potty—oh boy were my folks psyched!!! Then, I decided that was just too advanced, so I cut back. I like to hang out on the potty at least once a day — I love toilet paper — and sometimes I pee. My folks are very patient and humor me. They put me on there even when they know I just want to play with toilet paper.

I’ve become creative. I’ve invented a few games with my folks. One of my favorites is “I wonder.” I go behind mom or dad and they say “I wonder where Sophie is?” I wait a bit, then run out from behind and give them hugs. I like to knock down my dad and climb on his belly. I also came up with cute nicknames for them: Daddykins and Mommykins, based on my friend Aurora having her Mom call her Aurorakins.

I like to monologue and sing. From time to time, my folks will find me singing by myself “that’s the way, uh-huh uh-huh, I like it” and “who put the bomp.”.

I have discovered the broccoli pop! It’s really just a regular piece of broccoli, but my dad started singing “broccoli pop” (to the tune of Lollipop) and I am hooked. I think they may be pulling a fast one on me….

I continue to like baths. Mom came up with a drying off song. I even sang it to her while she dried off after her shower!

Well, I should be going now. I’ve been saying “a few more minutes, then bed” for a few minutes now, so I guess it’s time to sign off.

Hugs (and kisses now too), Sophie.

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