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Happy Summer Everyone!

I am certainly enjoying warm weather. It means more playground time! Golly, I love playgrounds. I even figured out my parents’ secret code for playground– PG. Ha! They think they’re so clever. I have no fear when it comes to the playground. I even climbed a huge ladder by myself (with supervision, natch). I am also able to climb on the rocking animals by myself.

The big event for May?? Apple Blossom Day in town. Let me tell you about the bouncy house (ed. note: a large inflatable castle for kids to jump in). Holy Moly, I loved that thing. I went back for a second go-round and got to be the last kid in for the day. But then the guy had to clean the bouncy house and the bouncy house had to go home!! I still get so excited talking about that.

I’ve started to do some chores. I have a little rake and hoe, and Mom found me a lawnmower at the recycling center. I also have a clean up song: “Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share.” I learned that song from my friend Karana.

I like to go grocery shopping with my mom. One of my favorite things to do is steal the list from her and throw it on the ground. I find it absolutely hysterical, and will do it over and over again. Once when we were shopping, a page came across the loudspeaker and I exclaimed, “I hear Old MacDonald in my head.”

I have begun sharing my food. I will frequently ask my folks, “Would you like a small chip?” “Would you like some, Daddy?” Of course, I am also a bit of a moocher and will take other people’s food.

While watching a nature movie with my dad, there was an image of an avalanche. He told me what it was. I very smartly said, “I get out of the way!”

I have become quite possessive of my clothing. If I’m wearing something, I don’t want to get out of it. No way. It’s a new struggle for my folks. Heck, I can’t be charming all the time.

I continue to love music, and will latch onto songs I hear in passing. I got addicted to a Cat Stevens song that I heard on a CD. But nothing compares to my new favorite! Mom and Dad got the soundtrack to Monty Python’s Spamalot from the library, and I immediately hooked onto a very silly song that I called “Dennis!!!” Again, Dennis!!! I also heard 409 by the Beach Boys in the car and said “again, giddyup.” My parents happened to have it in a Beach Boys boxed set, so now I get to hear it at home, and I also discovered that I really like Surfin’ USA.

I was able to see all my cousins. Emma and Owen came to Poughkeepsie to visit, and Leah and Eli came to visit my house in Red Hook.

My Grammy and Grampy moved to Mystic. I spent a lot of time “helping” them pack. This mostly consisted of taking things out of boxes that had already been packed and riding on the handtruck.

Some of my friends turned 2. Maggie had a party at the Saugerties carousel. What fun!! I still talk about that. Eva also turned 2 and we had a fun time at her house. They had a roller coaster thing for our go-go cars. What a blast!

My drawing has improved. I can now draw lines and circles….or things vaguely resembling circles. I also like to draw with chalk on the driveway. Dad drew a slide on the driveway and I pretended to slide down it. I’ve also drawn slides on the driveway myself and then slid down.

I have a male suitor. His name is Evan, and he’s exactly 1 week older than me û an older man. We’ve really grown up with each other–we met when we were about 6 weeks old. We went to the playground together, and he wanted to hug me. He would come running over to me and hug me. I played hard to get: “Evan, no doing that!” However, I have since (unprovoked) told the story that he hugged me, and I hugged him, and he’s my favorite guy.

I’ve also hung out at the pool at the Red Hook recreation park û I call it the blue pool. We have a baby pool in the backyard- I call it “the puddle” and will splash around naked in it. I’ve also enjoyed communal baths– Eva and I had a great time taking a bath, and Aurora and I had a good time in the bath when Mom and Dad babysat her.

I have a new babysitter. Her name is Gina, and luckily for all of us, we instantly hit it off. She lives next door to Daisy, a dog I’ve grown quite fond of. Daisy barks a lot, and for a long time we thought she wasn’t friendly, but it just turned out she didn’t like to be cooped up. When her owner, Jami, brought her out into the driveway, she was very calm and quiet and sweet, and we warmed up to each other nicely. I really enjoy animals, especially cats and dogs.

Warm weather also means ice cream at Holy Cow!! I do take a long time to finish it, and will tell people, “I’m not finished yet û I’m still eating ice cream.”

I will be turning 2 shortly. Well, enjoy your summer.

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