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Happy Fall, everybody. Things are finally settling down in the Norris-Meritt household. My mom is now officially retired (her last day was Halloween) and is handling her new job — official stay at home mom — well so far. The past two months, though, have been very stressful for all of us. My dad went back to work full time, and Mom’s job made her do a lot of silly things wrapping up. She spent a lot of time doing fieldwork, and was in Yonkers quite a few times. It was very busy for everybody.

Some happy things happened the past two months. We went to Hardscrabble Day, which my mom helped organize. It was a lot of fun! As you can see by the pictures, I had a great time with my friend Karana. And there was a bouncy house there!!! Uncle Mike and Suma came up for part of the day, and it was fun hanging out with them.

Suma became my Aunt Suma when they got married in September. Suma’s mom had an Indian outfit for me to wear — I looked great. I love my Uncle Mike and wanted to dance with him all day. Every time I see a red Jeep around town, I think it’s him and get excited.

Mom had asked me what I wanted to be for Halloween. I told her “popcorn.” So, good Mommy that she is, she made a popcorn costume out of a cardboard box. Dad even helped with hot gluing all the popcorn to the box. Unfortunately, “you can’t sit in popcorn” (boxes) and we ended up taking off the costume and putting on the strawberry costume from last year. Although Halloween freaked me out a bit at first, I eventually got the hang of trick or treating.

I am sorta kinda potty training. Don’t get rid of the diapers yet, but I’ve been fairly consistent with #2. My folks, needless to say, are thrilled.

I have a “new room.” Mom finally got rid of all her junk from my room (her desk, phone, computer and fax machine), and it now has my table and chairs, easel, toys, and a rug. I love my new room. I will eagerly show it to anyone who comes in.

I continue to be hysterical. Of course, I do have my diva moments, and sometimes take the “terrible two” label and run with it. But I am also very sweet and will frequently proclaim my love for people and things. So, I love you, and will update you after the holidays!

Some juicy quotes:

Jen: “Can we cuddle?”
Sophie: “No, we can’t cuddle, we can nurse. That’s a good plan.”

“Daddy’s in New York City. He’s working. I miss him.”
–to Mark’s parents, unprovoked, 9/29/05

“Yes, yes I do. I want to talk to Uncle Mike. So how’s Uncle Mike?”
–in phone conversation with Aunt Suma, 10/8/05

“Hi, my name is Sophia. And I’m going to be popcorn for Halloween.”
–to the guy at Monroe Mufflers

“Hi, my name is Sophie. I’m two years old. I was popcorn for Halloween. But you can’t sit in popcorn. So I turned into a strawberry. I like strawberries. I like strawberries a lot.”
–introducing herself at the Little Gym, 11/4/05

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