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Happy New Year!

Much has happened since I last updated. My mom is now “retired” and is now watching me ALL THE TIME. It’s taking a little while for us to adjust. We try to do something everyday. We’ve found some good playgroups in the area, and some story hours.

For the holidays, Grandma and Grandpa got us a great gift — a membership to the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum. The best part is the reciprocal membership program that gets us in to a bunch of other children’s museums. So far, I’ve been to the Children’s Museum in Manhattan, a children’s museum in Niantic, CT, Kidcity in Middletown, CT, the Ecotarium in Worcester, MA, and two museums in Boston. It’s so much fun. I like being able to play with all sorts of different things.

Mom being off working gave us the opportunity to go with Dad on a business trip to Boston. Grammy and Grampy took the train from Mystic and met us there. We went to the Boston Children’s Museum, and the Museum of Science, which was a frequent trip for my mom when she was little. I had a good time. It was stimulation overload though — it took me a few days to get back to normal.

I love cooking. I like to play “Rachael Ray.” I will even say things like “in the time it takes you to watch this program, I’ll have made a delicious and healthy meal from start to finish,” and “welcome back” (from commercial break). Mom and I made some cookies for the holiday. I initially had an issue with Mom’s KitchenAid mixer. She took out a bunch of ingredients, and I was so excited to make cookies. I even had my apron on. She then took out the mixer, and I said “I have to take a little break now” and ran into my room and shut the door. Once she explained how the mixer makes noise, like a car or train, I understood, and my mixer phobia is over. I am quite the little helper in the kitchen. I always make sure things are “good enough to eat!!”

Eva and I made cookies together the day of the first snow storm. They were M&M cookies. Eva had never had an M&M and assumed they were yucky. She decorated the cookies. I, on the other had, could not understand why someone would waste perfectly good M&Ms on cookies, so I ate them plain. Eva reprimanded me, until I convinced her to try one. She finally understood the appeal.

I also love trains. I rode on Amtrak to NYC, and on the subway in NYC and Boston. Whenever I hear the train at Grammy and Grampy’s house in Mystic, I get super excited.

I have a little crush on my Uncle Mike. I saw him and Aunt Suma at Thanksgiving and Christmas. He played trains with me over the holiday.

Some notable quotables:

Jen: Sophie, you are a character.
Sophie: No, I’m not a character, Grover’s a character.

“[running to the door] She’s here! She’s here! Grammy’s here!…. [running back from the door] I’m wrong.”
–11/13/05, after it was mentioned that Sophie’s Grammy would be visiting the next day

Grammy: “Don’t break your collarbone.”
Sophie: “No, I won’t break my California bone.”

“You have me. And you have me. Everybody not that bee!”
–The first song Sophie ever wrote, 12/17/05

“P starts with [extremely explosive P sound]!”

“Actually, ice cream is for spoons.”
–12/24/05, after using a fork to eat a piece of cake with ice cream

Sophie: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Ready or not here I come!
Grammy: Sophie, you’re not giving him enough time! What comes after 10?
Sophie: Ready or not here I come.
–12/26/05, while playing hide and seek with Uncle Mike

I am just an absolute crack up. There’s really no other way to describe me!!!

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