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Happy New Year, everybody! I can’t wait for this winter thing to end. I really want to get back to being outside, so I can draw with chalk and use my tricycle. I couldn’t quite reach the pedals in the fall, but during a warm day in February I tried it, and I think by springtime I will be good to go!

Mom and I yearn for nice weather, too. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve kept ourselves busy, but it will be so nice to play outside and go to the playground. I did find an indoor playground in Kingston which was pretty nice. We also found a great playgroup about 10 miles north. It’s set up like a preschool, and it has a lot more activities for kids my age, like a kitchen set and a rice table. They have an organized craft and a snack time. Mom likes it because it’s free and has better coffee than the one we used to go to.

I continue the children’s museum world tour. I went to Stepping Stones in CT with Uncle Mike and Aunt Suma, and the Sciencenter in Ithaca with, well, everybody else.

I love my Uncle Mike. Oh boy, I am so smitten. He likes trains too. I can play coy, but then I’ll get him involved in some serious hide and go seek.

Mom and I visited Ithaca (a.k.a. Cousin Central) for a long weekend. It was pretty intense. All five of us grandkids had a blast playing with each other and dancing. It took me a little while to get back to normal.

I’ve discovered some new music, a “group” (really just one guy) called Ralph’s World. Mom got it from the library and I love to dance to it. I also have taken a few pictures with Mom’s digital camera: you’ll see some of my work on the photo site.

I’ve started using my imagination a lot. I have some “friends” I call Swahdi, Comba and Combi, and they live on the ceiling. I also need to grab balloons off the ceiling from time to time. I will frequently tell tales of going to school with my sister.

I will be honest here: I am two, and boy do I show it. I can be quite the little pain in the tushie from time to time, and I am a master at pushing my folk’s buttons. They created a little “quiet place” for me in my bedroom closet. It’s actually quite cozy: my old crib mattress fits in there perfectly, and there are some throw pillows and stickers on the walls.

Oh, big news, I’m pretty much potty trained. We still have the occasional accident from time to time (some nastier than others), but I have Elmo and butterfly underpants that I love.

In the next two months, my friend Eva will become a big sister. That should be quite a trip! See you soon!

Some notable quotables:

“I want to tell you a story. One day when I was in school, I was surprised. And that’s it!”

“Actually, Daddy, could you read me this story better than Mommy?”
–1/15/06, while Jen was in the middle of reading a book to Sophie

Jen (as Sophie goes up the basement stairs): Where are you going?
Sophie: I’m going somewhere that has M&Ms.

“How does the mama corn take care of the baby corn?
–2/1/06, after being told that baby corn was one of the ingredients in the Chinese food she was eating

“Come on, let’s play ring around the rosie. Ring around the rosie won’t make your whole self dizzy, just a little bit.”

“Wow, you’re pounding it, Dad!”
–2/10/06, watching Dad eat some pizza

“Guys, guys! Settle down. We have a problem with all of you.”
–2/12/06, listening to Mom and Dad have a spirited discussion

“Tell Daddy I love him. I would like to tell him that I love slides. And tell him that I love Mommy. I would like to tell him that I love to hug you and Daddy, and you and Daddy love to hug me!”
–2/17/06, while Mom and I were in Ithaca and I told Mom what to email to Dad

“When I’m all done with two, then I’ll be three.”

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