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Hello everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the warm weather as much as I am. I am determined to go out and get “fresh air.” Sometimes I’m so determined, I’ll open the screen door by myself and go outside. My folks have now had to take precautions. I also get to play on the hatch of the basement. I love to hang out there. We also go to the playground on Fridays and have potlucks with our friends. Mom likes to go to the playground too, as I pretty much can do everything by myself (except the swings) and she can hang out.

I kind of regressed a bit with the potty training. I’m still fairly consistent with #2, but #1, hey, I can’t be bothered. I’m a busy kid — places to go, people to see. I also like to sleep with my Mom. I go to sleep in my bed, but middle of the night, I’ll wake up and patter into bed with mom (Dad is a bit of a night owl and most of the time he’s not in there when I invade). As soon as my head hits Dad’s pillow, I’m out.

I discovered a new show — Blue’s Clues. (Mom was sick of all the Sesame Street reruns.) I really like Steve (editor’s note: one of the hosts) and am not that crazy about Joe (editor’s note, the other host).

My neighbor across the street has a new dog named Gretchen. It’s the smallest dog I’ve ever seen. Whenever the two of us see each other, we get immediately excited and jumpy. “I love to see my little Gretchie!”

My friend Eva has a baby brother. He’s very little, I like to look at him.

Mom and I took another trip to Boston with Dad. Grammy and Grampy also came. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the “little pool” (hot tub) at the hotel.

I am also totally into swimming at the Bard gym. I usually want to stay in there longer than my folks do. I have discovered showers there. I’d spend hours in there if Mom let me.

I also love to watch videos of myself and my cousins. I’ll ask Mom and Dad to show them to me over and over. I’ll even reenact them, especially ones that make me laugh!

The weather getting better means my storyhour and playgroup will be ending soon. It will be up to me and Mom to figure out how to use our time. We enjoy taking walks. Mom will be spending a lot of time weeding our garden, and I have some little garden tools to “help her out.”

Some quotes:

Sophie (on the potty): I peed!
Jen: I didn’t hear anything.
Sophie claps.
Sophie: Now you did.

“Mommy, Daddy and I have to have a conversation about balloons. Mommy, go away.”
Jen goes, Mark comes in.
“Now, Daddy, what do you like best about balloons?”

I don’t like regular bears. I sure like critter bears.

Hey, Mommy, I’ve got to tell you something. You make a cool noise when you sleep. It sounds like a bugle.

Sophie (with a concerned and puzzled look, to Mark, who is reading Unconditional Parenting): Why are you reading that book?
Mark: Because it has things I want to learn about.
Sophie: What do you want to learn from this book?
Mark: How to be a good dad.
Sophie (with a look of utter seriousness): You are.

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