Hello, Everyone! Hope you all had a good summer. Mine was hot. I’ll be honest, I spent a lot of it inside naked. We did go to the pool a few times and that was great. I can stand in the Red Hook pool by myself!! Since we had to pay the guest fee, Mom always made sure we got plenty of hours in.

Some sad news: my great grandma Lillian died. Fortunately for me, I got to hang out with all my cousins while Dad and his sisters went to the funeral. I sure love my cousins!!

I turned three, which is now my favorite number (as opposed to two, my previous favorite number). My party was a blast. Oodles of people were there. It was a dance party theme. I LOVE dancing — I have my patented Sophie wiggle, and I raised the roof and partied down. We played musical instruments, too. The highlight was decorating our own cupcakes!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We went to Mystic for vacation in August. I did a few new things. I rode in Uncle Mike’s Jeep. I rode in a canoe. I swam in Grammy and Grampy’s beach. I built a birdhouse with Grampy. I went to Mystic Seaport again and had a pretty good time, until I got sick and had to come home. Other than that day, I really enjoyed myself at Mystic with all Mom’s extended family.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

As always, I am a downright hoot. One of my new favorite things to do is play photographer. I’ll set Mom and Dad up and direct them: “put your nose on Mom’s nose…. Mom, put your hand on your hip” — then I’ll stand back and pretend to take a picture. Click! Then I’ll say, “no no no, that’s not right, now do this….” Mom and Dad think it’s pretty funny.

Speaking of funny, Mom created a new game. It’s called “Hazel” (ed note: from the old show with the maid Hazel). We get into our aprons and go around the house asking each other to clean up things, all the while calling each other Hazel. Wait a minute…. on closer inspection, this seems like just a ploy to get me to help with the housework…Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


If we didn’t have the fountains, the water wouldn’t move, and the water would get extremely yicky.
–7/9/06, after Dad told me that the fountains in the lake at Wilcox Park keep the water moving which helps keep the water clean

Someone’s coming in. They’re going to use the potty. I’m on the potty. My head’s not a toilet!
–7/9/06, hearing someone knock while I was inside a portapotty

Too many zrbts is enough.
–7/12/06, after Dad gave me lots of zrbts in a row

Hey, Kate, want to see something cool? [does something] Big kids can do that easily.

Dad: Would you like me to read you a story? Me: I’d be delighted.
–7/12/06, my last words before falling asleep a few minutes later, after I’d insisted for a while on reading a story to my Dad first

Me: Why don’t we have any other kids?
[Mom explains then asks if I want other kids in the house. I say yes, and Mom asks why.]
Me: Because I want a friend to live with me.

Ok, let’s go inside and get some water for that hungry little fellow, Sophie.

Look, it’s my friend Eva, dressed as a pumpkin. And her friend is dressed as a duck. It’s Halloween this morning.
–7/31/06, looking in a scrapbook at a photo of me and Eva when we were a few months old in our first Halloween costumes — Eva a pumpkin, me a duck

[While eating pizza:]
Me: Daddy, keep me company.
Dad: Ok. [sits down]
Me: Daddy, pretend I’m a big girl eating.
Dad: You are a big girl eating. Oh, am I supposed to pretend you’re somebody else?
Me: No, that’s not how the story goes. Pretend I’m a big girl eating and being silly.
Dad: Ok. Is it you?
Me: Mm-hmm.

Me: Daddy, if you were a ball, I’d kick you!
Dad: If I were a ball, I think I’d be okay with that, because that would be one of the things I’d do.
Me: If you were a flamingo…. If you were a dolphin, you’d splash in the water!
Dad: I guess I would….
Me: Daddy, I have one more thing for you. If you were a bumblebee, you’d sting me!

Samela’s not my friend — she wrote the word “duck.” She can’t write the word “duck!”

Thank you for coming over to Grammy and Grampy’ s house. Thank you for the message: for helping me go to get ice cream. Good bye.
–8/5/06, an email Grammy helped me write to Mom and Dad about our trip to Mystic

Can I back away, because there’s a knife coming up?
–8/8/06, after my Mom said she was going to soon start preparing some raw chicken for dinner

Me: Here’s a message for you, Daddy.
[hands Dad paper with “writing”]
Dad: Thanks. What does it say?
Me: It says, “You’ve come so far, the end is near.”
Dad: Really!? What does that mean?
Me: It means, love everybody.

Let me tell you about clams. Clams are very sensitive, so you have to pick them up and put them in the water so the birds don’t get them.

My dad is a grown-up. And he can go to every which building he wants to go to.

Dad, after you’re done doing something, can I wait and be patient on your lap?

For nail filing, you have to lie down. For finger filing, you just have to sit up. But for toe filing, it’s tricky, you have to lie down.

You’re eating with your fingers? What the Dickie!?, you don’t get chili with your fingers!
–8/29/06, upon seeing Dad sticking his fingers in to “clean” the chili pot

[Mom puts my shoes while I’m in the stroller.]
Me: Okay, I’m ready!
Mom: Ready for what?
Me: Ready to rock on!

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