My They Might Be Giants 5th Birthday Party

It’s sure been a long time since my last update. But I’ve got something cool to share now…

I love They Might Be Giants!

I’ve been a fan of theirs since I first heard and watched Here Come the ABCs a few years ago, and then I also checked out their other kids album No!, and the Bed Bed Bed book and CD, and I loved them, too. Then I started getting into their “grown-up” music, and then there was Here Come the 123s, and then I really started getting into the grown-up stuff after that. And then, wow, I got to see them in concert in April at The Egg in Albany. It was great! I want to see them again. And soon after that show, I got to see Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns, the documentary about them. I loved it so much, my parents bought me a copy, and I watched it every day for like a month. I think I have the whole movie memorized! I love They Might Be Giants. Especially John Linnell. My parents wonder what I’ll be like when I’m 15 if I’m like this now about a music group!

So when it came time to think about my 5th birthday party, it seemed like it would be fun to have one with a TMBG theme. Here’s a video of the party, and read on for details!

We started off with just some fun TMBG tunes and some playtime, and made sure to have gummy worms in honor of Dr. Worm. Then we moved onto the big craft, which was painting birdhouses — in your soul, of course! While we all painted, we listened to that great song, and also to Bee Of The Bird Of The Moth since it’s got birds in it, Meet James Ensor since it’s about a painter, and Pictures Of Pandas Painting since that was also about painting. I painted a few more birdhouses on my own the next day!

After some more tunes and playtime, it was time for a special treasure hunt. All the letters of the alphabet were on colorful squares, and they were all hidden around the area where the party was, so my friends and I had to track them all down — it was an Alphabet Lost and Found! Then, once we had them all, we all worked together to play Who Put The Alphabet In Alphabetical Order? Needless to say, we did it.

Then it was time for musical chairs — to the tune of Someone Keeps Moving My Chair, naturally! We also had Don’t Let’s Start and Ana Ng, because they just seemed to be really good songs for musical chairs. In our game, though, everyone who found themselves without a chair got to do something special. In the do-it-yourself spirit of the day, we were making our own ice cream to have with dessert, so when you had no chair, you got to go over and help turn the crank on the ice cream maker. And some of us even got to smash up the ice with a big hammer and put extra salt on the ice. Fun!

Then, for the last big game, it was something special. With our own homemade posters of the two Johns, we played Pin the Accordion on John Linnell and Pin the Guitar on John Flansburgh! We had a guitar and an accordion, and everybody got to pick which one they wanted to do. And as if that weren’t enough, we also got to pick what kind of blindfold to wear — a regular one, or a homemade mask with the face of William Allen White, that guy whose face is always showing up in TMBG concerts and videos and who knows where else! We had a cool song from the each of the guys for this game, too — Whistling In The Dark since it’s a Linnell song with some good accordion and reminded us of wearing blindfolds, and for Flansburgh, of course, we heard The Guitar.

After my friends sang Happy Birthday to me, we then played Older, because that’s one of my favorite TMBG songs, and totally appropriate for the occasion! We then got to make our own brownie sundaes with lots of toppings plus the ice cream we all helped make. Some fun TMBG eating songs to go with it — John Lee Supertaster, E Eats Everything, plus just a bunch of others I like, including, of course, High Five! since it was my fifth birthday party.

What a great time! It was a lot of fun to have TMBG as a theme for my party, since I just love that band so much! And it was also really great to do it ourselves and have my parents help out a lot. They had fun, too, making all the stuff and helping plan everything. Maybe next time we’ll do a three-legged race to Triops Has Three Eyes, or do a puppet show after we make our own puppets to the tune of Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head! And I wonder what other fun stuff my parents might come up with if they ever wanted to thrown a grown-ups only TMBG party. So many crazy songs, I bet they’d come up with something!

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